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To make a prayer and to entrust an intention of prayer to Notre Dame de Rocamadour


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            Rocamadour, a tourist and spiritual place

                                      rocamadour, a tourist and spiritual place
                                               Miraculous Chapel

   "Here, when you pray, you are granted" Father Ronan GOUVELLO

rocamadour Rocamadour is one of the most visited France with 1.5 million visitors per year. Rocamadour attractions is the 4th site after the Mont Saint Michel, the Eiffel Tower and the park of Versailles.

rocamadour Exceptional site, inhabited since prehistoric times, have succeeded centuries after centuries of women, men and children from all over Europe came to present their prayers to Our Lady of Rocamadour. Rocamadour   was a sort of Lourdes for Christians in the Middle Ages. The motto of the sanctuary is " hope firm as a rock."

rocamadour Rocamadour is also a holiday. ( Label Grand Site de France et Label Station de Tourisme ) (Grand Site de France Label Label Station and Tourism)

            Rocamadour, a place steeped in history

rocamadour "At the time it was great, and sometimes it grows interiority. The twelfth century, in 1112, a book of miracles was written, which lists 126 cases miraculous. But what struck me  is that the source has not dried up. This is still a place of miracles, there are many today, "said Father Ronan Gouvello, rector of the shrine priest and Rocamadour.
From the 12th century hermit Amadour attracted pilgrims and today is the Black Virgin of Our Lady of Rocamadour that pilgrims come to pray at the shrine.                            

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rocamadour 2014  Painting Sacred Art painter Luc Morin



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